Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Evaluation of Blog of the Week

Blog P1-04 has been done well due to the detail the group have gone into in all aspects of their filming planning. They have included pictures of all costumes, props and methods they are going to use and included details of what they are and why they are going to be used. This will influence us to include more detail in our planning for our film opening and to include details of why we are using things, not just what we are using.
They have included research into BBFC ratings and their target audience which may affect how their project. The target audience includes who the film is aimed at which they have concluded at 12-25. Therefore creating a 15R or 18R would limit the audience able to see the film. Research into the BBFC ratings shows the group what they are able to do within their film before pushing the rating up.
They have also included test shots of characters to be included in the project. This is a good idea as they can get a feel of how the actors will look on camera and what they can do to improve the look on screen. They have then manipulated these in photoshop to better fit into their genre and included both copies on the blog.
They have then followed with details of everything that is going to be included in the project such as soundtrack in which they have confirmed that they will be including no dialogue, using a narrator and what kind of music they have decided on.
From early on they have established roles for each group member, explaining their decisions with suitability of each group member to each role. They have also considered equipment, locations, lighting and makeup, followed with examples of each.

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