Friday, 12 March 2010

roughcut feeback

P1-o4: The use of the colour changes in the freeze frames works well with the genre of the opening as red is associated with danger. The sound fits with the action on the screen and contributes to the scene. There is a huge range of different shot types and angles which help to add to the tension and suspense which is created. The scene where the camera is following max goes on for a long time, although this creates suspense it could be shortend.

P1-05: We thought that the gunshot was not effective. We thought that Max was not a believable character and the blue man takes the focus of the sequence.

P1 01
-Use of shots that were sped up added pace and built up tension as an effect. There were some slight flaws, for example when he went up in the lift he pressed down then went up. Also I thought the colour changes were effective. And the soundtrack was perfectly in keeping with the titles and what was happening in the scene. The idea was clever and witty and the acting was top notch. When Max shot the gun there was no gunshot or anything. This needs to be rectified. Otherwise top notch.

p1-02: we thought that the film was good. however, there are several points that need to be addressed. one thing would be that we feel that cotume, especially the white trainers did no fit the scene. We also feel that the props were humerous, and did not emphasise the 'thriller' ans serious of the situation. We found there were too many 'odd' sound effects in the wrong places which distracted us from the sequence. We also feel there could have been more variation in shot types and the shakey camera made it look slightly too ameteur-ish. overall it was ok

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