Wednesday, 27 January 2010

film analysis, opening scene analysis and feedback

Film Title: Out of the Loop
Analysis: After many politicians who are against the proposed war get killed, an undercover agent goes rogue to uncover the conspiracy. After being spotted snooping around, the higher powers decide to frame him for the murders of the politicians, so now our protagonist has to keep one step ahead of the law in order to uncover the truth

genre: political action thriller

Opening Scene Analysis: showcases an assasin taking down one of the anti-war politicians. At first, when he is walking towards his destination, it will be mainly medium to long shots to show him blending in to the crowd, then when he is at his destination alone, it will be mostly shakey cam with close up. except for when the politician is in shot. Once the assasin kills the politician, he goes down to pretend to be concerned about the politician.

feedback: the feedback was mainly positive, the only concern was bringing a weapon onto college site, as we'd be filming mostly around the quad area. Overall though, the scene should prove to be quite successful, we'll just have to be considerate about how we handle the weapon. We will now sort out shot types, costume and props, hopefully do all the filming within one session.

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