Friday, 15 January 2010

What is genre and why is it useful for you as producers of a film?

- An easy way to categorize films (type of film)
- Starting point - conventions - iconography
- Symbol associated with genre
- Narrative/Theme/Character
- Visual/Oral/Style

For the industry.

- Existence of Genre makes it easy to target your audience
- Based on previous box office ratings film makers can make judgments about who the audience is.
- Trailers/posters include:
-Iconography (visual)
-Clues to narrative, character.etc

- Benefits to audience, influences your decision to see a film. Audience exceptions, familiar, recognizable.

"Genre is in a constant state of flux" Steve Neale -1981

Flux - Movement, Change.

- Changing attitudes/Ideologies(beliefs)
- Improving technology (Action, Sci Fi, Horror)
- CGI - Computer Generated Imagery
- Fashions/Popular trends.
- Reflect current times e.g. Global Disaster
- To provide variation for audiences - Hybrid - Attracts a wider audience.
- Ideas of repetition and variation makes genre successful

Dark Knight

-Part of comic book action trend/Hybrid

-How does it follow generic conventions?

-How does it make x(can't read own handwriting) - how does it achieve this?

-Hybrid of Action, Thriller.

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