Tuesday, 19 January 2010

We have decided that this thriller opening should be graded at a level 4 as it shows an excellent level of ability. A variety of shot types has been used well including a POV shot from inside the van as it drives, a convention of thriller films which helps the viewer to become more involved in the story.
The non linear narrative works well, creating tension by juxtaposing the shots of preparation with the action shots.
They have made a good use of mise-en-scene especially with their props. The shots of the whiskey glass, gun prep and inside of the van work well within the sequence, building tension.
They have set up the shots well, making good use of a tripod for steady, well framed shots including detailed backgrounds.
When filming our own sequence we will try to make use of some of the techniques used in this sequence for a better effect, remembering the variety of shots and well used props.

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