Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Student Thriller Opening Analysis - 36

This thriller opening has some quite distinctive pros and cons. One strong point is the very enigmatic feel it keeps throughout, making you want to see the rest of the film to see if it will explain it, however, it is quite average in it's delivery, using unnecessary sound effects, such as the zip opening and the weak and inaccurate gunshots which distract from the story line. A good thing about it is the way it doesn't appear as a thriller at first, until the red filter appears and the mood drastically changes, this is good because it delivers a sense of confusion to the viewer. One thing that didn't do them any favors was the overuse of the special effect for the title, which took up over a quarter of the time meaning the sequence was longer and more arduous than it should have been. Overall, we'd give this film a medium or high Level 3. We will make we follow it as a guide, such as selecting mise-en-scene that creates appropriate meaning (I.E costume, setting etc.)

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