Thursday, 14 January 2010

title sequence analysis - Sparticus - Max Thompson

the title sequence for Sparticus sets the general mood and scope for the rest of the film. The music is very dramatic and ominous giving the sense of an epic story. The hands in chains hint at the fact that this may involve slaves, plus when you see the first hand in chains the words 'Kirk Douglas as Sparticus' appear, implying to the fact Sparticus frees the slaves. An stone owl appears with the words 'Lawrence Olivier as Crassuss' suggesting he could be in some senses an omniscient figure, and then 'Jean Simmons as Varinia' appears with a feminate hand holding a jug, implying she is or will be a mother or provider. The fact that all the images are stone sculptures and there is latin writing suggests this is an historical epic and the imagery of swords suggests war or a battle. The final shot is of a stone statue of a man's face crumbles away to leave a bit of cracked face and a eye hole. This could resemble the fall of the Roman empire, which is what Sparticus tries to do. The opening title sequence is simple, yet it purely represents the battle between the iron fist of oppression and the desire for freedom.

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